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5 top stand-up paddling spots in Switzerland

Aug 12, 2020   |   by Aline   |   0 comments

1- Lake Brienz/Brienzersee

Always on top of my favorites lakes in Switzerland, Stand-up paddling for the first time on Lake Brienz was quite challenging for me! Lake Brienz is an Alpine Lake, which means cold water temperatures, even in summer. Don’t hesitate to use a life-jacket if you are not a good swimmer.

  • Location: Interlaken / Canton of Bern;
  • How to get there: by car or train to Station Brienz;
  • Difficulty: medium;
  • What to expect: Blue crystal water Lake and Mountain panorama;
  • Near to Brienzer Rothorn Mountain;
  • Prices Fr.40.- for a half day;
  • Rent a SUP: Paddle Trail Lake Brienz – near TCS Camping – Bönigen;
  • Tel SUP: +41 (0)79 476 01 79.
  • http://paddletrail.ch/
Lake Brienz - Interlaken
Lake Brienz – Interlaken
Lake Brienz Outdoor Playground – exactly where we get inside the lake.

Top 5 Stand-up Paddling spots

2- Lake Cauma/ Caumasee

The Lake Cauma is famous as a Swiss Caribean because of the warm temperatures during summer, generally above 23 degrees. Paddling here can be easily made with the family, life-jackets are available and included in the rental price.

  • Location: Flims / Canton Graubünden;
  • How to get there: Flims-Dorf walking 15 min;
  • Difficulty: easy;
  • What to expect: Nature Forest and turquoise crystal clear warm water;
  • Near to Lake Cresta;
  • Rent a SUP: Info at Pier/Restaurant;
  • Prices Fr.8.- for 30 Min or Fr.15.- for 1 hour;
  • Infos: https://www.caumasee.ch/
Caumasee - Graubünden
Lake Cauma – Graubünden
Lake Cauma

Top 5 Stand-up Paddling spots

3-Aare River

Boating from Thun to Bern is an absolute Swiss favorite during summer. For paddling on the River Aare, you must have a SUP for wild waters or Whitewater. Don’t forget to bring with you your helm and your action camera. Our tip: for crossing bridges and waterfalls, lay down on our SUP and be careful to don’t hang up your Stand-Up in a boat.

  • Location: Thun / Canton Bern;
  • How to get there: By car we usually drop our car in Thun and after get back with the train from Bern. Start place in Thun can be Schwäbis or Uttigen);
  • Difficulty: advanced – from Thun to Bern the distance is 25 Km;
  • Please check the River conditions (Temperature and Water level) here.
  • What to expect: Nature Alpine River with blue water;
  • Near to Thun Lake and Bern.
Marzili Bad – recommended place to drop off in Bern

Top 5 Stand-up Paddling spots

4-Lake Sempach/ Sempachersee

In Lake Lucerne Region, an excellent option for SUP is the Lake Sempach. Much smaller than the Lake Lucerne itself, the Lake Sempach offers mostly warm and calm crystal water. Traveling with the family, you can choose the Strandbad Sursee. Kids can enjoy the outdoor water playground while mom or dad is exploring the Lake. Stand-Up Paddle is available for rent there, Kayak or Pedalo is available just a few meters, direct on the Lake.

  • Location: Sursee / Canton Lucerne;
  • How to get there: Sursee Train station or by car;
  • Difficulty: easy;
  • What to expect: Crystal clean water and view of the Alps;
  • Near to Lucerne, Sursee, Sempach;
  • Rent a SUP: Strandbad Sursee, Strandbadweg 4 – 6210 Sursee.
Just perfect to drop in
Lake Sempach
Lake Sempach

Top 5 Stand-up Paddling spots

5- Lake Lucerne

Another experience to enjoy the beauty of Lucerne city is exploring from the Lake. For a family program, choose the Lido, with a public poll, a huge outdoor playground, a restaurant, and a lake beach. Fantastic view to Mount Pilatus, Bürgerstock, and Mount Rigi!

  • Location: Lucerne/ Museum of Transport – or in Weggis
  • How to get there: Verkershaus Train station/car
  • Difficulty: easy
  • What to expect: City, Lake, and Mountains!
  • Near to Lucerne City Centre
  • Rent a SUP: Strandbad Lido AG Lucerne, Lidostrasse 6a – 6006 Lucerne
  • https://www.lido-luzern.ch/
Lake Lucerne
Lucerne Riviera – Weggis

Did you find out another great place for paddling in Switzerland? Share with us in a comment 🙂

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