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Aeschbach Chocolatier – Choco Welt (EN)

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Aeschbach Chocolatier

A small Swiss Chocolate manufacturing, Aeschbach Chocolatier, located in Root, just 20min from Lucerne, is one of the coolest attractions for small children around Lucerne.

Aeschbach Chocolatier

Founded in 1972 by Mr. Charles Aeschbach, chocolatier, and employee of the company Suchard , he started his own chocolate production in Zug, with his wife and two employees.
Today, Aeschbach Chocolatier counts with more than 100!

As in the old times, most of the chocolate production is manual. During the festive season, it is possible to watch the staff painting chocolate Easter rabbits and Santa Claus one by one.

Famous here is the “Chrirsch- Blüte”-a sweet stuffed with cherry liqueur and topped with chocolate, and the “Kirsch Stängeli”-chocolate rod stuffed also with cherry liqueur-they are delicious!


Chocowelt is an exhibition that shows the bean to bar.
Another thing very special is that, during the week, you can watch the production of chocolates directly from Choco Welt.

At the entrance, kids can play in a ship, which brings cocoa bags from tropical countries.
They loved to know that the fruit of cocoa was born in the trunk of the tree, and they could learn all producing countries on a world map.

Straight ahead, we can try 6 different kinds of chocolate, don’t miss any dark with 55%, 60%, and 70% cocoa!!

A small replica of a Conche machine, discovered in 1826 by Phillip Suchard and enhanced by Rudolphe Lindt in 1879.
The constant movement of the machine transforms the chocolate into a thin mass, releasing its aroma and thus losing the initial bitterness of cocoa. This discovery revolution the world’s way of making chocolate, and that’s why the fame of Swiss chocolate.

One of the differentials of the Chocowelt is a beautiful model of the city of Lucerne made in three types of chocolate. This job took three months to get ready and it was made by a chocolatier.

A very nice little donkey (Golden Esel) distributes chocolate coins to the children.

In the chocolate fountain, try it “Cacao Bits”, a power food, full of antioxidants.


Chocowelt Plus

You can create, for CHF 10.-, your own Swiss chocolate bar of 200 g, with milk, dark or white chocolate. If it is very difficult to choose, it can be mixed =)

Several delights can be used to decorate your chocolate: Smarties, caramelized almonds, coconut, sugar flowers, etc. You can also write a message in chocolate, ask at the time of creating a mini cone with melted chocolate.

One of the positives of Aeschbach Chocolatier is that you don’t have to book in advance to create your own chocolate.

Choco plus

The exhibition is not very large compared to the large factories, but the flavor of the handmade chocolate is worth the visit. If you want to occupy the children for a long time, ask for a Quiz at the reception, which is also available in English.


Aeschbach Chocolatier-Chocowelt
ChocoDromo 1
6037 Root-Canton Lucerne
Phone: + 41 (0) 41 747-3333
Train station: Root/D4

The value of admission for adults and young people from 16 years CHF 15.-
Includes CHF 5.-voucher, which can be used in the Store or Coffee Shop.

Kids between 6 and 16 yo entrance CHF 8.-No voucher allowed.
“Chocoplus” CHF 10.-per 200 g chocolate bar.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, last admission at 16:00 pm.

Link to book your visit to Chocowelt online:



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