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Chocolaterie Camille Bloch (EN)

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Chocolaterie Camille Bloch

The Chocolaterie Camille Bloch is a Swiss Chocolate factory, located at the beautiful French-speaking region Jura, canton Bern. They opened its doors for visitors in October 2017. Chocolates Ragusa and Torino are the best sellers of the brand. According to Camille Bloch, they produce 9 tons of Ragusa per day, making it one of the favorite chocolates in Switzerland for 75 years.

Why a visit to Camille Bloch is worth it?

Because the trip to get to the factory, in Courtelary small Swiss typical village of 1,500 inhabitants is simply beautiful!! It can be combined with a visit to the Cheese factory Tête de Moine AOP, which has existed for 800 years and is in Bellelay, canton Bern.

In addition, the multimedia discovery route is very interesting for the whole family. Not to mention that children can create their Swiss chocolate in the Atelier, which is already a unique experience. They also can taste so many Swiss chocolates as they want!

The Chez Camille Bloch is divided into : “Le Parcours Découverte “, “l’atelier “, “Le Shop “, “Le Bistrot ” and “Le Parc “.

Le Parcours Découverte Camille Bloch-Discovery Route

The exhibition, divided into two parts: the first is the historical part of the brand, and the second is about the production and creation of chocolates.

Right at the entrance, an impeccable scenography leads us to visit the first office of the factory and to travel to Bern from 1920, the medieval capital of Switzerland.
There, in 1929, from a bank loan and purchased machines from Lindt, Camille opened the company that until today takes its name.

It was in the capital where the saga of Swiss chocolate began for most of the brands we know today.
In 1935, Camille sought a place where he could make the roasting of cocoa beans itself, eventuality settling in a former paper mill in Courtelary.

A curious story is that in 1942, during World War II, not having enough cocoa for production, Mr. Camille added hazelnuts to cocoa mass. He created a unique recipe, the Ragusa, success in the market launched in 1942.

Later, in 1950, another well-loved Swiss chocolate has been released for several generations, the Torino.
In 2008, the bitter version of Ragusa, my favorite, was released. The chocolates with liquor filling are also divine!

L’atelier Camille Bloch-Production Studio

At L’Atelier , a Maître Chocolatier teaches children and adults to create their own chocolate. You need to book on the internet and is suitable for children from 8 years old.
Atelier Choco’ nut lasts 1 hour and costs CHF 29. per person.
Atelier Ragusa, Torino and Liqueurs (chocolates with liquor) lasts 2 hours and the value is CHF 59. per person, each.

Le Shop Camille Bloch

The store sells exclusive products at factory prices. We bought a box of chocolates, with the best of the brand by CHF29. For CHF 22.- you can write a personal message and customize a 400g Ragusa chocolate bar.

Chocolaterie Camille Bloch

Le Bistrô Camille Bloch

Great coffee with regional products, sandwiches and on sundays serves Brunch . < span style = “color: #000000; ” > Toy library with books and games for kids.

Le Park Camille Bloch

With brand new toys, it’s a great outdoor playground, with a picnic area.

What’s best for kids here?

For the small children, a game of Ragusa, own chocolate packaging to draw, the toy library and the playground. Don’t also miss the Cinema!!
They can see the live chocolate production, tasting it fresh-made or still try it milk and hazelnuts from the chocolate fountain!

An original Vespa is a Photo spot at the Piazza and its very cool!!! And don’t forget to email the pic or send it by Post (Switzerland only).


CHEZ Camille Bloch
Chocolats Camille Bloch SA
Grand-Rue 21
2608 Courtelary Bern – Switzerland
+41 (0) 32 9451313

Admission adult CHF 15.- kids 6/16 CHF 8.-
Family ticket:CHF 32.- (2 adults + 2 kids or 1 adult + 3 kids)
Open every day, from 10 am to 17 pm.

Do you know the chocolates Ragusa and Torino? Write us a comment!!

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