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Frey Swiss Chocolate Factory (EN)

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Frey Swiss Chocolate Factory

Frey Swiss Chocolate factory is one of the largest Swiss producers, founded by brothers Robert and Max Frey in 1887 in Aarau, Switzerland.
They produce chocolate for the Migros supermarket chain and have a well-diversified range of products. The factory itself has no access to visitors.

The visitor center in Buchs, canton of Aargau, near Zurich is enormous and super fun for the little ones.
We’ve been there twice, and there are always new things in the exhibition!

What’s best for kids here?

Frey has several attractions for small of all ages:
-The robot Robi packs the chocolates live;
-Chocolate tank with video game;
-Cocoa phone;
-Photobooth that prints family photos in the bar of chocolates;
-Aroma Laboratory;
-Candy box to take pictures of the little ones with clothes and a truffle hat.

Frey Swiss Chocolate Visitors Centre

At the entrance, headphones are distributed (in Spanish, English, and Italian as well), which we can engage in several points of the exhibition.

Production details are explained in an effortless way by a Frey engineer at various points of the exhibition. We begin seeing the evolution of chocolate packaging now.
On the ground floor, a quiz distributes exclusives recipes, according to the type of chocolate personality you are.
Highlight the tasting of several chocolates of the brand, truffles, Pralines, bonbons, and two chocolate fountains, one of white chocolate and one milk chocolate.

The Frey Cinema is outside the exhibition and has very helpful videos about the old times at the chocolate production. In the Boutique, it has factory products well into account and beautiful gifts and the coffee playground, several giant chocolate bars make the joy of children! A voucher for the coffee in the amount of CHF 5.-is included in the admission of adults.

Chocolat Frey

Visitor centre

Chocolat Frey

Sweet chocolate bars

Create your custom Swiss Chocolate Frey

You need to book in advance, and there are four different schedules per day. To decorate the chocolate bar, which can be milk, bitter or white, more than 20 different toppings and children are entitled to a drink.
Great gift for friends and family!!
Your chocolate: adult (2 chocolate bars included) CHF 24.-Children from 3 to 16 years CHF 19.-

Chocolat Frey

Love this Photo spot!!

Chocolat Frey

Create your own chocolate


Frey Swiss Chocolate Factory / Chocolat Frey
Bresteneggstrasse 4,
5033 Buchs Canton Aarau-Switzerland
Phone: + 41 (0) 62 836-2626, @chocolatfrey

Admission: Adult CHF 12.-Children up to 6 years old: free and 6 to 16 years: CHF 6.-
Family Ticket: 2 adults + up to 5 children CHF 30.-

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Last admission at 4 pm.
December 25 and January 01 closed.

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