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Schynige Platte (EN)

Mai 02, 2020   |   by Aline   |   0 comments

Top of Swiss Tradition. Some tips about our day trip to Schynige Platte, on the Jungfrau Region. I have the impression that discovering the Jungfrau Region, before you visit Jungfraujoch mountain itself, the Top of Europe, makes you feel rewarding when you finally get there! Around the Jungfraujoch, you can visit Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Grindelwald, Wengen, and Interlaken. The mountains to enjoy the view of the Top of Europe are Grindelwald – First, Schhynige Platte, Harder Kulm, Winteregg Mürren, Kleine Scheidegg. A family day trip to Schynige Platte is an incredible experience, and I want to come back to for spending a night, I’ve heard that you cannot stop counting stars there 🙂

How to get there

We arrived from Lucerne by car in Wilderswil, Interlaken around 11 am and boarded on the Schynige Platte Railway (from the 19th century!), the journey takes about one hour.

Panorama-Restaurant und Berghotel (1967 m a.s.l.)
We had a surprise, and we arrived – A live duett od Alphorn blowers just started in front of the Berghotel! Listen to the Alphorn with the Jungfraujoch view is Swissness pure! We had lunch on the Bergrestaurant. It was good!

Lilys Alpenspielplatz by Marc Trauffer
New and one of the most beautiful playgrounds on top of the Swiss Alps! Get ready to spend hours here with the little ones. Just beside the restaurant-hotel.

Nature cinema & Trail
For sure, the most incredible part of the trip! The Nature Trail can be made with children and toddlers easily; part of the trail is possible with an outdoor stroller.


Saison from June to October
Bergrestaurant Schynige Platte
Postfach 447
3800 Interlaken
Phone +41 (0)33 828 73 73
Link Jungfrau Region website
Link Berghotel:

Widerswil – Schynige Platte – prices per adult from Fr.36.-(half fare card)
Hiking tickets available from Fr. 36.- Schynige Platte – First (Around 6 hours- middle difficulty)

Thanks for reading!! Discover Switzerland travel tips, hidden gems, and outdoor adventures with a Lucerne-based family! 🙂

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