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Mooraculum Park Sörenberg (EN)

Okt 05, 2019   |   by Aline   |   0 comments

Some tips about our family day trip in Entlebuch UNESCO Biosphere region. This time, we’ve been to Mooraculum Park in Rossweid, Sörenberg. From Lucerne 30min driving or with Public transportation: take the BLS train to Wohlhusen and Post Autobus.


Kids will love to play and spend time on the Waterpark! Don’t forget bathing suits, extra clothes, and some towels. Small kids can also have fun in the park beside if they don’t want to play on the water.

Family day

Bring your sausages to do a barbecue up there with the kids! Wood set to prepare the fire is available for Fr.5.- Don’t forget to take some plates, chips, and drinks! Kids will love the experience!!

Coop Family Trail

On this Summer day in August, we’ve been attending an Event ”Coop Familienwanderung” in Sörenberg. They prepared a Robin Hood trail for kids from 4 to 12 years old. To participate, you can sign up online to take part free of charge. This event goes to different spots during Summer in Switzerland, motivating families for an active outdoor day.

Sundew Trail

The easy trail takes about 1 hour, is interactive and interesting for everybody. Forest life, animals, and trees are described on big boards along the way. I recommend you make the trail first with the kids when you arrive, and after let, they play on the waterpark. Otherwise, it will be complicated to take them out of the water 🙂


Sundew Trail

Mooraculum Park Sörenberg

Sundew Trail


Mooraculum Park Sörenberg


Coop Familytrail


Coop Family Trail


Mooraculum Park Sörenberg


Mooraculum Park Sörenberg
Tickets and Prices
Family ticket Fr.55 (2 adults +2 kids) or
Adult Fr.20 and children Fr.10
From here, you can also take the cable car to Bienzer Rothorn.

Thanks for reading!! Discover in our family blog outdoor adventure tips in Switzerland, family-friendly destinations, and much more! 🙂

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