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Lockdown activities (En)

Apr 29, 2020   |   by Aline   |   0 comments

Here some of our favorites activities with our three years old boy during the Lockdown in Switzerland. During this time, I realized how these small things are even more important for kids than travel or visiting new places!

We are blessed to have a huge garden, that helped us a lot during this time!

I have to clarify that in Switzerland, our lockdown was with shops, restaurants, and mountains closed, but we could go out for a walk, which was permitted. ^

1. Gardening/ Balcony garden

Every day we’ve spent some time in our garden, our to-do list:
-Getting the soil ready (including compost).
-Planting onions, normally we do at the end of March.
-For our balcony, herbs like Basil, Sage, Mint, and flowers like sunflowers, hydrangea, and orchids.
-Citrus and tomato plants.
-Setting seeds with my son and looking after them every day 🙂

2. Art and crafts

-Painting and using our stock of colors, books, crayons, glitter, and craft material.
-Writing postcards and Easter greetings.
-Painting rainbows for hanging out on the window.


No other toys are like LEGO! Fun guaranty for dad and son! During this quarantine, we did order more LEGO than usual, and was so worth it! Even if we have to help our boy to build it up again 100 times! For the first time, I’ve downloaded the LEGO Duplo App-Trains, which I highly recommend for toddlers (App Store and Android)

4. Springtime!

I don’t know in each part you are, in Switzerland, we are in the springtime! We had such a fantastic wetter in April, and there are cherry blossoms everywhere! Outside playing on nature, parks, a bike ride – wherever possible and safe for your family.

5. Cooking/ Backing together

Forget about the calories and use this time to prepare delicious recipes for your family. We hope we live only once quarantine every lifetime 🙂 Think about recipes or duties that the children can help with, like backing a chocolate cake together!

6. Keep the family routine

So important is to keep correct times to eat, activities and sleep. Children need that, and it is easier for us parents as well.

7. Home office

Do you have to share the home office with your partner? With kids at home cannot be so easy to share the space. Find a quiet place and stipulate your working hours/ breaks, and explain that for the child. I do write during my Sohn plays on the sand, so I’m near to him but doing something for myself as well.

8. Take some time for yourself

Find some time for you and let your partner/children do it the same. It is essential to keep balance when spending so much time together, including trying to be patient with each other.

9. Family video calls

Calling our family and friends, and listening to how they are dealing with quarantine make it easier for our toddlers to understand why we have to stay at home, and we cannot go to the library, museums, pool, and to the friend’s house.

10. Read a book with your child

We do have more time for simple activities like this, so why not? We do love books, and this is so important in the digital era like now!

What are your favorite activities during this time? Write to us with a comment!

Lockdown activities


Useful links

– Faber Castell Creativity and Playing & learning for kidshttps://www.fabercastell.com/ (English)
– Little FOOBY Cooking with kids https://little.fooby.ch/de.html (German and English)
– Tecnorama Science Museum @home https://www.technorama.ch/de/technorama-home (German only)
– Swiss National Museum Zurich – Guided Tour for children (German only) https://youtu.be/szpPH-6zfPA h and other virtual exibithions included
«History of Switzerland».
– SRF Family Podcasts – https://www.srf.ch/audio/kinder-familie (German only).
– Discover Lucerne online –https://www.luzern.com/en/highlights/listicals/discover-lucerne-from-home/
– Gastronomie – Restaurant vouchers action on Fine to Dine – https://finetodine.ch/

How was (or is going) the lockdown in your city or country? How do you deal with homeschooling?

Thanks for reading!! Discover Switzerland travel tips, hidden gems, and outdoor adventures with a Lucerne-based family! 🙂

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