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10 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids (En)

Jun 12, 2020   |   by Aline   |   0 comments

Fun and playful outdoor activities act as a very effective impetus for growth in small kids. It helps them to build their cognitive and motor-sensory skills. Here are some simple outdoor activities for kids to keep them engaged during their holidays.

Playing in an open space is the best thing to give your kids in their growing years. The openness of your backyard, garden, or patio, fresh airbrushing over their face and sunlight bathing them from head to toe are important for a child to grow into a healthy, energetic, intelligent, intuitive, and strong human being.

The very reason behind planning summer breaks is that the kids get to soak themselves in the bright and nourishing rays of the sun that help them to have stronger bones and a robust immune system. The best idea is to let them play as they like. Listed below are some outdoor activities for kids that will energize the aura of your house with laughter and giggles.

1-Create a Pool
Create a makeshift swimming pool in your lawn area or your backyard and let the kids dunk themselves. Just be vigilant if the child is below three years of age.

2-Play with Water and Mud
This is the best activity for kids to do outside after a spell of a shower. Join your kids as they jump on the puddle and smear all mud water on each other. When you are contented with that just open the tap and use a pipe to bathe each other clean.

3-Hop Scotch
The age-old game of hopscotch has always been one of the most favored activities for kids outdoors. Now the same game is designed by incorporating various mini-tasks to encourage more physical and mental involvement of the kids.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids

4-Play Hide and Seek
Playing hide-and-seek is perhaps one game that has stood the test of time. It has been an entertainer since time immemorial without any upper age limit.

5-Play with the Sand
Playing with the sand is one of the favorite activities that can keep the kids engaged for hours. And you don’t need to visit a sea beach for that. Just get a slightly raised bed and fill it with sand. Buy some sand casting molds and let your kids build their dream world out of the sand.
You could bring along your infant and let him sit in the best umbrella stroller and watch your toddler play with the sand and have fun too.

6-Basket Ball
If you have a sprawling lawn or a spacious backyard, having a basketball post-installed will ensure that your kids have a rigorous exercise every evening.

Yes, it is played by professional players but it can also be played at your backyard with the same spirit and energy. You don’t need the exact 11 players on each side. Yet another game that only demands a spacious ground to run after the ball, it leaves the body energized and the mind refreshed.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids

One of the best activities for your kids to do is gardening. You should imbibe a love for plants within the kids from the tender age. Involving kids in gardening will help to accomplish that.

9-Fly a kite
Flying a kit is yet another activity for kids in the garden that involves a lot of concentration and teamwork. It is one of the best excuses to be out in the sun and chase the colorful kites to your heart’s content.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids

10-Play House Game
Yet another timeless favorite that has managed to entertain kids for ages, the best thing about house game is that it involves role-play. Kids pose as adults and use their dolls as their children. It is fun to watch how beautifully they go about managing their imaginary household.

We hope this article has managed to bring back some of your fondest childhood memories! 🙂 Are you planning any activities for kids this weekend? Let us know in the comment below.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids

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