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Grand Tour of Switzerland (EN)

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Inspired on Route 66, the Grand Tour of Switzerland routes are designed to show you the best of the country. Alpine Lakes; Mountains and Valleys; important museums and sightseeings; chocolate and cheese factories and much more!! The official route is around 1.600 km and can be made in 9 days driving around Switzerland. This distance can be made independent of each other; they are divided into 25 fantastic routes. What is unique on the Grand Tour routes is that you almost won’t drive on the highway, most courses are on secondary roads so that you can enjoy the country in a slow travel way, what we love it and highly recommended!

In this post, we spoiled the Grand Tour of Switzerland Touring Guide (PS: We did a Touring Guide give away on Instagram in 2019!), and some hidden gems that we discover around this year’s traveling around Switzerland. To these places that we have a full Post on our Blog, I will link it then here.

Grand tour of Switzerland Official Routes

1- Bern, Emmental-Lucerne (181 km)

Region Lucerne – Lake Lucerne region
2- Lucerne-Schwyz (72 km)
3- Schwyz-Zurich (65 km)

Region Zurich
4- Zurich-Schaffhausen (55 km)

Eastern Switzerland Region – Liechtenstein
5- Schaffhausen – St.Gallen (98 km)
6- St.Gallen – Wildhaus (71 km)
7- Wildhaus – Davos (86 km)

Region Graubünden
8- Davos – St.Moritz (65 km)
9- St.Moritz – Andeer (72 km)
10- Andeer – Bellinzona (86 km)

Region Ticino
11- Chiasso – Bellinzona (105 km)
12- Bellinzona – Furka (98 km)

Region Wallis
13- Furka – Visp (67 km)
14- Zermatt – Vispertäler (60 km)
15- Visp – Martigny (75 km)

West Switzerland – Lac de Genève
16- Martigny – Montreux (46 km)
17- Montreux – St. George (62 km)

18- Genève – St.George (53 km)

19- St.George – Yverdon-les-Bains (70 km)
20- Yverdon-les-Bains – Neuchâtel (67 km)

Region Basel
21- Basel – Neuchâtel (157 km)

Neuchâtel – Region Friboug
22- Neuchâtel – Friboug (51 km)
23- Fribourg – Château-d’Oex (61 km)

Region Berner Alpen
24- Château-d’Oex – Interlaken (78 km)
25- Interlaken – Bern (62 km)

Best of Bern- Lucerne Route

Maybe we don’t hear that much about Bern outside Switzerland, as we heard about Zurich or Genève. You will probably be surprised when you discover this Medieval City UNESCO Heritage, which is the Swiss capital. Bern is more than a charming swiss city, to the Canton Bern also bellows the Jungfrau Region, Blausee lake, Interlaken, Thun, and much more! A fun fact about Bern – Did you know that Bern is one of the quietest cities during the night in Europe?

10 Top Things to do in Bern
-Visit the Market/ Federal Building Square
-Zytglogge (Clock Tower)
-Bärenpark/ Restaurant Alten Tramdepot
-Einstein Haus Museum
-Marzili Bad (summer)/ Bernacqua on Westside (wintertime)
-Restaurant Kornhauskeller
-Summer Boattrip from Thun to Bern
-Gelateria di Berna on university district Länggasse

Emmental Valley (Post here)
Emmental Cheese Factory
Klambly Biscuits Switzerland
Entlebuch UNESCO Biosphere
(Sörenberg/Rossweid Mooraculum)

Sursee/ Sempach Lake
Hallwyl Castle
Schloss Heidegg -Rosengarden

Best of Lucerne- Schwyz Route

In Lucerne, we are at home, and we love this city! Lucerne and Region offer many attractions like mountains, day trips, places to visit, and much more! Lots of tourists use Lucerne as a base to go to Interlaken (1:30 h by car), Zurich, and Engelberg (1 h).

Top 10 things to do in Lucerne
Chapel Bridge + Lion Monument + Hotel Gütsch
Walk on Lucerne Old-town + Towers + Take a look inside the Jesuit Church
Verkershaus – Museum of Transport + Lindt Swiss Chocolate Adventure (Post Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (De-En)here)
Boat trip to Weggis + Mount Rigi (Post here)
Mount Pilatus (Post here)
Outdoor fondue at the Restaurant Zunfthaus zu Pfister
Visit (or stay on) Barabas (Prison Hotel) Lucerne (Post here)
Vila Honegg Hotel + Hammelschanlift at the Bürgerstock Resort (Post here)
Day trip to Engelberg (to Mount Tiltis, post here or Fürenalp)
Choco World at Aeschbach Chocolatier – Root (Post here)

Enjoy the Grand Tour of Switzerland route driving along the Lucerne Riviera passing by Weggis, Vitznau, and Küssnacht am Rigi along the Lucerne Lake.
In Gersau board on the Tellsprung ferry to Beckenried (prices car Fr.22- adult Fr.4-)
Visit the Tellsplate on Urnensee Lake
Weg der Schweiz trail (35 km)
Visit the Victorinox Visitor Centre in Brunnen (Post here)

Best of Schwyz- Zurich Route

All attractions on this route are worth it to see it! For the mountains at the Mythen region, Stoos and the incredible Fronalpstock and the Sattel you can plan the whole day. To visit Rapperswil, the Jucker Farm, the Kloster Einsiedeln, and the water park Alpamare in Pfäffikon you can do on a half day.
Rothenflue- Mythen Region
Stoos and Fronalpstock
Kloster Einsiedeln
Alpamare Pfäffikon

Best of Zurich- Schaffhausen Route

Top 10 things to do in Zurich
Zuri city walk (Old town, Bahnhofstrasse, Lindenhof, Grossmünster)
Lake Zurich
Swiss National Museum/ FIFA World Football Museum (Post here)
Zuri West walk and Viadukt
Lindt Outlet Fabric shop – Kilchberg
Zoo Zurich
Visit the Dolder Grand Hotel/ Dolderbahn
Bruno Weber Park/ Uetliberg
Kunsthaus (Museum of Art Zurich)
Technorama Science Museum in Winterthur (Post here)

Best of Schaffhausen – St.Gallen Route

Schaffhausen highlights
Schaffhausen Old Town
Stein am Rhein
Bodensee Lake /Konstanz (Germany)

Best of St.Gallen- Wildhaus Route

St. Gallen highlights
St. Gallen Stiftsbezirk Catedral
St. Gallen Stiftsbibliothek

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

You can enjoy the Grand Tour of Switzerland traveling by train! Enjoy the best of swiss landscapes comfortable on a train ride. All information available on the Grand Train Tour App (App Store and Google Play)

Grand Train Tour


You can easily buy the Grand Tour of Switzerland Map in Switzerland. The Touring Guide Grand Tour of Switzerland is also available online.

Thanks for reading!! Discover Switzerland travel tips, hidden gems, and outdoor adventures with a Lucerne-based family! 🙂

Share your favorite place in Switzerland with us with a comment. This post is under construction. 🙂

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